Lionel Messi Top Scorer Champions League 2019


Even though the team eliminated, Messi had his own prize in the champions league match in 2019. Yes, Messi became the top scorer with 12 goals in his trip and had to stop when he lost to Liverpool. Messi has always made the public eye glance at him, his dribbling skills and sharpness in scoring makes him not the best player in the history of football. With overshadowed by Ronaldo who is now grazing in Serie A, Messi is like being unstoppable in La Liga and becoming the top scorer in the champions league

He is no longer young but the speed and instinct to score goals are still very sharp and accurate. Even at his age he is still a star player who still shines among young players, it said to be more radiant than young players now. The proof is in 2019 he is still able to become the top scorer and possibly the best player this season.

Messi With Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD)

Even though this person has Growth hormone deficiency (GHD) since childhood. But that is not an obstacle for a Lionel Messi. That’s why he likes people a lot besides his greatness in playing football. His illness actually triggered his spirit for a career in football .

His football journey is very impressive for us observers of football in this era. When he was a surprise on his el clasico debut where he scored. With Xavi, Iniesta and Ronaldinho at the time. Real Madrid seemed astonished when they learned that a prodigy. Unaware of their attention had become a disaster in that match.

Even this season in 2019 in the champions league. We still given a very interesting match presentation. From the processing of his feet a man we used to know as magical boy. Hopefully his brilliance will contribute to the art of sports and especially football.

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