Barca VS Liverpool when magic happen in anfield

Liverpoo vs Barca
Liverpoo vs Barca 4 - 0

The big match between Barcelona FC and Liverpool FC in yesterday’s Champions League was a miracle .
Defeated in Nou Camp with a score of 3-0 was disaster that many people think is the end of Liverpool’s trip in the Champions League in this season.

But this is football, anything can happen. In the seventh minute Liverpool opened the score with a goal from Divock Origi and the score lasted 1-0 until the first half ended.

They continued to play attacking to increase the score to 4-0 from two additional goals Georginio Wijnaldum in the 54th and 56th minutes, Then in the 79th minute the second half Origi added to his goal which aroused the enthusiasm of his team and win the match.

It was a miracle that day, and it became very festive because the victory unexpected.

On the other hand, Barcelona, ​​which has a large opportunity with score 3-0 from home, is definitely very disappointed. How is it possible when victory in front of the eye becomes vanished instantly.

Mesi, Suarez looked helpless and had to accept gracefully the defeat they had gotten.

When Hard Work Meets His Destiny

It was very exciting and full of joy, a very memorable match for Liverpool fans, and a disaster for Barca fans . And it will not forgotten for these two giant clubs. The magic in football repeated again and the hard work meets his destiny.

We all know, Barcelona is a football club that feared in these decades. Especially with the existence of a loyal mega star in defending this club.

Lionel Messi who has brought the club many times to become champions in the world stage or achievements for himself such as the Ballon D’or.

When Ronaldo was not at Real Madri, Messi seemed unrivaled and dominated the Spanish league. But the fate for this time they must satisfied with the defeat in the hands of Liverpool.


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